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Links to Electronics (General)
TDL Electronics WWW Homepage We think you should bookmark this one !

DNC Electronics in the U.K  CNC Electronics Specialists :  Repairs & Parts (Fanuc, Matsushita)
Pennine Automation Ltd/   Fanuc Parts , Fanuc Spares , Fanuc Repairs , Siemens, Okuma ,Fanuc Parts , Indramat,World Wide Delivery On Fanuc , Gettys,GE 1050,GE 2000,GE 750,GE 700 cnc Control Spares  IC Chip Data Sheet Locator
Electronics Related Links From Electronics Now and Popular Electronics    for procurement of electronic components.
Yahoo Electrical Engineering list Electrical Engineering links from the Yahoos
Yahoo Electronics  Companies  A list of manufacturers and service compainies

Strictly for FUN !
Amateur Radio: Fred Langeneckert Home Page Amateur Radio Links (Ham Radio)
Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock Scary, isn't it ? Did you buy any Microsoft stuff this year?
Project Gutenurg:  Gibson Digital Library All the classic literature you could want - and MORE
Biographies of the Stars information about your favorite celebrities
DAILY BIKINI The Bikini of the Day
Dilbert Zone Dilbert, the comic strip, and Scott Adams, its creator
Hemmings Motor News for all you gear heads
IC Chips: The Giant Internet IC Masturbator A funny name but a useful reference tool
Internet Accessible Machines You wouldn't believe some of these machines and cameras ...
Internet Movie Database Search Look up  Movies, Actors, Characters, Cast and Crew
Live Web Cam Theater Animals, appliances, cities, landscapes... LIVE views
MAD Magazine  "What - Me Worry ?"  (Doesn't Alfred E Neuman look like Ted Koppel?)
Shortwave Radio Chart For the short-wave listener in your life
POP Clock Projection The US Population, Changes every minute!
Pre-History of Television Early experiments in boob tube
Rocky & Bull winkle Episode Guide You know you want to see it.
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue The people who made swimsuits famous !
TV Guide by Zip Code Yes, THE TV Guide is  Online
U.S. National Debt Clock And you thought YOU had bills
Uselessness of Pi and its irrational friends All about Pi (You know, 3.14159...)
Weather Now Results What's the weather like now in ... (You fill in the city)
*** Combine Demo Derby *** Smashing farm equipment for fun! . . .(WE SAVED THIS ONE FOR LAST)

Links to Local Businesses (Wisconsin)
TDL Electronics WWW Homepage
Port CNC Virtual Gibbs CAM, Auto DNC, and Automated RS-232 switchbox products
AW Company Home Page - Franksville, WI ... Flow Meters and Instrumentation
Racine Racine County, WI ... Everything you could want to know about our county  The Racine Journal-Times Newspaper Web Site
State of Wisconsin Web Page
The Official Badger State Page
Official Racine County Convention & Visitors Bureau What's going on around here...
WISN Online 5 Day Forecast (Milwaukee Area Weather)  - Great Many Things (Our Internet Provider)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online The Milwaukee Newspaper
The Chicago Tribune Not exactly in Wisconsin, but equal time for the Bears fans
Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) Index ... (For instance, our SIC is 7629, Electronics Repair)

Printed Circuit Boards
Circuit World -- Lots of good Electronics-Related Links.
Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive,Jerry Russell's -- A site devoted to circuit designs.
Jamie Heilman's Guitar Effects Circuits Archive -- Lot's of good electronic musical stuff.
Green CirKit -- A site devoted to environmentally-sound practices in electronics development.
Printed Circuit Board Design Hotlist -- Good links for PCB-Related Information.
Rework &, The; Repair Exchange - Soldering & Desoldering

Chips, Components and Other Electronics
Data Bookshelf- Always current and saves precious shelf space
IC Manufacturer Websites- "From the Horse's Mouth" IC Information
Microprocessor instruction set cards- Programmer's Little Helpers
Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center - Devoted to research on sensors
Chip Directory, The - A great resource! Who on earth typed all that stuff in?
Diode Page, The -- Everything you ever wanted to know about diodes but were afraid to ask!
Electronic Products Magazine - Search for product-related articles.
Electro Stuff- Lots of Microprocessor Information
Filipe Gieszczykiewicz's Stuff --Sci.Electronics FAQ, GIICM Search Form, Electronics FAQs
Stanford's EE/CS Mother Site -- Electrical Engineering and Computer Science related information.

Electrical Suppliers and Associations
IEEE Home Page  The IEEE ("eye-triple-E"), The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc
Welcome to ISA Online  The Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society
American National Standards Institute ANSI
National Electrical Code highlights The 1999 National Electrical Code
National Fire Protection Association the non-profit NFPA, publisher of the National Electrical Code
The IAEI Home Page International Association of Electrical Inspectors
The Electric Power and Research Institute (EPRI) Power generation. Power delivery. Energy use.
Electrical Rates News Why is my meter spinning so fast ?
Square D Homepage You know - The breaker box people
Crouse-Hinds Homepage A division of Cooper Industries
General Electric's Homepage They bring good things to life
The Copper Development Association Basic information about copper mining, copper consumption
South wire cable and wire products Building wire and cable, utility cable products
Brown & Sharpe  Manual Operator's and Service Manuals available here

       Linux !

         SuSE Linux at  TDL Electronics uses SuSE Linux for  many of our projects

          Linux on Laptops  Portable Linux for everyone

         Linux Rute User's Tutorial   Rute is a technical reference and teaching tool for new GNU/Linux users

         What is Linux ?  Some simple answers at  

          318 items found for “linux” at Wal-Mart !

         Results 1 - 10 of about 101,000,000 for linux  Google found over 100 million linux hits on 10/15/2004...

                      Please notify us of any broken, changed or dead links !

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