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Smiling sun image        Clipart of Barn

The Solar Barn in Raymond, WI

11.84 Kilowatts installed and grid-tied...

a TDL Electronics project

At time of installation, the largest private solar electric system in Wisconsin

Installed August, 2004

This is what we started with in June, 1997 

The barn is believed to have been built in 1856 by Samuel George, the original settler of this property. 

The construction is oak 12x12 main supports with oak pegs holding the timbers together.

A stud wall with R-19 insulation was hastily constructed in the northeast corner
 as a platform for the inverters and meter.

Wirings up the four Fronius 3000 Watt Inverters inside the barn.

  These make 220 volts AC from the 450 volts DC the panels make in full sunlight.

Fronius USA    Simply the BEST inverters in the world !.

A view from the lift platform at about 60 feet up.  
The old wood siding was replaced and painted and now sports white corner and edge trim.

The roof is nearly covered completely with the sixty four 185-watt Sharp solar panels.
Note the three 120 watt panels on the roof of the bus, too !

Don't Look down !

The Crew. Tom is on the right.

The first row is nearly done...

A beautiful window made by Asheville Art Glass adorns the south wall on the second floor.

Was it worth it?  Would we do it all over again?  Absolutely !
 In 2005, we have added a wind generator to provide clean green power when the sun isn't shining.

NEW !  A  Wind Power Tower Page is up at :
  TDL Electronics  WInd Power Tower Page

  Please consider even a small system of your own. 
Every little bit helps and we should use our natural energy resources whenever we can.

There is an article on Tom and the Solar Barn in the Milwaukee Journal along with a video:

Click on Business,   There is a video of ol' Tom on there.

Contact us for more information.

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